Paleo recipes: almond milk leftovers

Last week, I explained how to make almond milk but recommended keeping back the remnants since they still contain goodness and can be used for other things.

The almond milk itself is thick, creamy and fantastic to drink.  It can also be used successfully to cook with, although I found it didn’t make good hot chocolate since it went too gloopy when heated thoroughly and the sweetness of the almonds overpowered the cocoa.

Almond meal (coarse remnants) – leftovers from step 3

  1. Spread the almond meal thinly over a baking sheet (you’ll probably need to do this in several batches).
  2. Place in an oven heated to 150C/300F and dry thoroughly, stirring frequently.
  3. Once dried you may choose to use a pestle and mortar to break it down so that the bigger lumps are crumbled.
  4. Store in an airtight container and use instead of breadcrumbs for breaded chicken, stuffing, cakes, cookies, as a few example.



Processing the almond meal

Processing the almond meal



Almond paste (fine remnants) – leftovers from step 4

If you have a dehydrator, use it to dry this to a fine white powder.

If you don’t have a dehydrator then try the following.

  1. Spread the paste thinly over a baking sheet. 
  2. Place in a medium-cool oven 130-150C (250-300F) and dry slowly, checking it often to make sure it isn’t browning.

Once dry you are left with fine white almond flour which can be stored for use instead of flour in baking.  However, if you are relying on the leftovers of almond milk for some baking then you’ll need to make a lot of almond milk.  My 2 litre batch left me with just over a teaspoon of almond flour (and I confess that I binned it since I had nowhere to store it and no way to use it in the foreseeable future).

The collection of finished products - milk, meal and paste

The collection of finished products - milk, meal and paste

I hope these two posts on almonds have been helpful and that you enjoy the messy but fulfilling experience of making your own almond milk.


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