Paleo recipes: beef curry

This is a staple meal in our house and gets eaten every week.  We make it with beef mince as the mince cooks through quickly (and speed of cooking is the important factor for week-day meals in our house).  However, we have also cooked it just as effectively with small cubes of casseroling lamb or strips of stir-fry beef.  It just takes a bit longer.

If you are strictly non-dairy paleo then replace the cream and coconut with some coconut cream or coconut milk and let it reduce until the sauce has a thick consistency to it.  This makes the most delicious curry, but also takes more time (again) which we don’t have during the week.

Paleo beef curry (with a side order of cottage cheese and brocolli)

Paleo beef curry (with a side order of cottage cheese and brocolli)

Ingredients: (serves 3-4)
½ tsp dried chilli seeds
1 onion, chopped
1 pepper (any colour – red is good for contrast), roughly chopped
500g lean beef mince
1 tin tomatoes (c. 300g)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp turmeric
1 small pot single cream (ca. 3 tbsp)
2 tbsp dessicated coconut


  1. Heat some oil in a wok or large pan with the chilli seeds.  When the oil is hot add the onion.
  2. Once the onion is starting to go soft, add the pepper for a few minutes.
  3. Once both onion and pepper are looking soft and browned, add the mince and keep moving in the pan until the mince is thoroughly browned (you may need to add some oil just before adding the mince if the onion has used up all the oil).
  4. Reduce the heat and pour over the tin of tomatoes.  Before stirring in the tomatoes, sprinkle the spices on top of the tomato.  Once the spices are added, mix in the tomato and spice mix thoroughly (by sprinkling the spices over the tomato, the act of stirring in the tomato helps evenly distribute the spices).
  5. Stir in the cream and coconut.  If the curry looks quite dry at this stage, add in half a can of water.
  6. Reduce the heat and simmer until you want to serve – simmering for 20 mins reduces the dryness of the coconut flakes and thickens the sauce a little, but it is fine to eat within a couple of mins of finishing stage 5 if you are hungry!

We serve it on its own with broccoli and eat it with spoons, but if we have non-paleo friends to visit then we do them a small helping of brown rice on the side.


4 thoughts on “Paleo recipes: beef curry

  1. Alicia

    I really enjoyed your curry! It was so easy to make and it just had so much taste. My fussy husband even gave it a thumbs up :)
    Thank you. It will be added to our weekly menu!

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