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The end of another week.  We’ve all made it and I’m off on holiday next week (on Sunday morning in fact).  Hurrah!  However, as my final act before I leave you all with the posts I’ve written up and left on a timer to be delivered to you daily, like slow-cooked casseroles that you come home to each evening from work, I’ve got a cheery batch of links for you this week.

  • Butter.  I love it, but don’t tend to have it often anymore since it doesn’t work so well with broccoli and curry.  Or beef stews.  However, for all the butter fans out there, Mark Sisson did a great summary of the different types of butter you can get and the pros of each.  Taking this a step further, Seth Roberts (who seems to spend his life self-experimenting) did an arithmetic-related butter consumption experiment.  Fascinating how much better his arithmetic results got when he started eating butter, though eating 60g of butter a day sounds like it could be both expensive and a little sickening over time…
  • I’ve been doing more grip work again recently.  However, other than rock climbing work on the fingerboard I’d never considered making my grip workout quite so functional.
  • I like the fact that Nike are finally being honest about some of their footwear.  I’m not sure quite how global this comment will go though.  Meanwhile, staying on the shoe theme, I don’t wear them often but I do like to wear high-heels every once in a while.  This article has some useful advice on how to counteract the shortening caused by wearing high-heels.
  • I’m writing this with the cat fast asleep on my lap.  With this lazy creature I doubt cat armour would be of any use at all.
  • This post is totally fascinating.  It’s about female presence in films and observing how very few films have more than a minimal number of women in them.  It really makes films like The Women (all female cast, all female crew) stand out like a sore thumb, though I do question why films with a higher female-cast-quotient seem to also need to be the really girly ones.  Is there anything we can do to really get the skew mended?
  • I follow all the arguments about eating grass-fed beef but it’s still expensive and difficult to get hold of without remortgaging the house.  A post on Get Fit Slowly helped me feel that it’s ok to maintain my current perspective and stick with fish and supplements to counteract my corn-fed beef intake.  Although my mouth did start watering when I looked at the photo of the steak.  And it you want something quick to do with your beef, try Robb Wolf’s Beef and Tomatoes dish.  Delicious!
  • Most of you know that I love cycling.  Here’s a fabulous summary of all the things that I could get fined for while cycling in the UK.  It’s a paltry list but good to know that I do still have to be a responsible road user, even when not in my car.
  • I think this invaluable Pre Menstrual Screen test, scoring and advice for action based on scoring is something that every woman who reads this blog should print out and leave somewhere obvious for their male friends/housemates/partners/husbands (*delete as appropriate).  And if you are one of the men who read’s this blog then read, memorise and apply.
  • This is, quite possibly, one of the world’s funniest gym ads.  No, really.
  • I can’t say that I have ever seen any hybrid fruits in the UK.  Certainly not where I shop anyway.  They do look incredibly fascinating though so if you are somewhere where they can be purchased it might be well worth having a try and seeing what you think (and let me know too).
  • So I want to live into old age.  And I’d like to be active, self-sufficient (at least as far as caring for myself goes) and happy in my old age.  The story of these oldest people is funny reading but I’m a bit concerned about the 70-year old swingers…

This video comes with the caveat that I don’t know who Cathy Savage is and don’t know if her training is any good, but the video images of Fitness Competitors is good fun.  Perhaps if you have trained with her and know more you could share in the comments below.

And for those who get my posts on a feed-reader, the Krav Maga post has been updated with a really good video which will give you a great feel for what it’s like doing a Krav Maga session.  In case you missed it, here it is again:

Have a really lovely week everyone and I look forward coming back footsore after a week of traipsing all over Yorkshire (probably in torrential rain and bogs).


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