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I always hoped I’d be the cool aunt for my sister’s children.  Even if ‘cool’ was a term that went out of fashion a decade ago (or more).  In pursuit of this goal (and because I’m really a bit of a big kid) I am often the one running about with my older neice when we meet up (the younger one, at one month old, is a bit young still).

This weekend, even as this post goes live, I am driving down to spend the weekend with my parents, meeting my sister and her family there.  A concern I had last weekend when I started finally thinking about the logistics was that I would miss a workout, since my evenings are currently so carefully timetabled around Krav Maga, orchestra and other training sessions that a missed evening can’t be recovered elsewhere.  But then I realised that this was a ridiculous concern, since a weekend at my parent’s house with the youngsters present is never inactive. 

Not only does a weekend with my older neice (soon to be five) usually involve plenty of walking round town, but the playground near my parent’s house is big enough for even the biggest kids, like me, and my neice is addicted to it.  There’s a pull up bar, circular rotating monkey bars (which I still haven’t managed to master) and all sorts of other fun bits and bobs.  While it may not be my conventional workout, it’s still going to be a workout and I fully intend having as much fun as possible and not thinking of it as a workout!  The important message being that it doesn’t matter if you do something a bit different every so often.  From a Biomarkers and longevity perspective, the most important thing is to make sure you are doing something active each day.

Anyway, enough about my weekend.  here are some posts for you all to enjoy over the weekend.

  • I’m completely anti breakfast cereals, although I must confess to still feeling some lure from the boxes of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes when I see boxes of them at hotels and B&Bs when I’m away with work or on holiday.  Fortunately my mind kicks in now and tells me that I shouldn’t eat them because anything that is so addictive and irresistible, even when it’s years since I last ate them, is probably not good for me.  Anyway, I was interested to read up about breakfast cereals on Precision Nutrition where Ryan Andrews has taken us through the history of them as well as looking at the different types and how they are made.  It gives an interesting summary of how TV advertising has changed over the years too.
  • I am now really sold on the idea of going without shampoo after reading Kate Yoak’s account of moving to a shampoo-free existence.  I, too, have been plagued by bad dandruff and thin ends which necessitate a shorter haircut (or a ponytail that more closely represents a scraggy, dying bush than those lush manes that women throw around in commercials).  My only problem is how to get through those first two months when I have a full time job for a large, prestigious firm and meet clients on a regular basis?  I can’t wear a headscarf and I’m likely to be told my appearance is unacceptable during some of those early days.
  • The headline to this article “Joint supplements do not work” made me angry.  It’s taking the findings and blowing them out of proportion.  However, I was also interested to find out that research suggests that glucosamine and chondroitin do not have any beneficial effect on osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.
  • Let’s have some light-hearted relief from these long and serious posts.  How about a hyena taking a bath?
  • Chris recently went out and bought me a kettlebell since he’s getting into them now.  Aye, we have joined the kettlebell bandwagon.  Anyway, here’s some tips on how to do a kettlebell snatch.
  • To wear a cycle helmet or to not wear one.  That is very much the question and is the cause of heated debate between cyclists.  People know friends (or friends of friends) who have had serious accidents and whose lives were saved by wearing the helmet, other people know of people who were permanently disabled, often completely paralysed, as a result of wearing their helmet.  Personally I’m not sure if I would prefer to be paralysed or dead.  I’d certainly need to rethink my life activities and goals.  Anyway, here’s an interesting study suggesting that it doesn’t really make much difference.
  • Fancy purifying your body the natural way?  Here are some suggestions from Chris at Zen to Fitness of some herbs and other foods to get you started.
  • I’ve got two posts about the medical profession which I think you should read together.  The first is a rant from Dr Michael Eades about the shocking state of medical ignorance.  The second is a story of hope about some doctors finally getting it right from Brian St Pierre.
  • This story should be frightening but the headline made me laugh too much.  ‘Woman repels bear armed only with a courgette’.
  • I’m not interested in the world of bodybuilding and steroids.  Especially not when it comes to women.  I’ve heard too many horrors about the side-effects for women.  However, I would be tempted to read this book, Chemical Pink, which was reviewed by Josh on World’s Strongest Librarian.
  • Omelettes.  They are great way to cook eggs quickly for breakfast.  They’re tasty, easy to cook and adaptable to most situations.  However, they can be terrifying if you’ve never cooked one before so many thanks to Mark Sisson for giving us a handy step-by-step guide to how to cook an omelette.  Not just a standard omelette but all the different types of omelettes.
  • I adore and respect Ian McKellen so Chris sent me a link to a couple of photos.  He looks cute in his “youth” photo but I’m not sure the beard works with the t-shirt, Ian!

Finally, for something a bit silly, here’s a Walrus doing a serious workout (for anyone who missed it on Bret’s blog the other week).

I hope you all get a chance to get outside and keep moving this weekend.  Have a good one!


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