Great links for the weekend!

Not to be too blunt but: “Hurrah!  I’m off on holiday!”

I’ve been working hard through this week to try and hold it together with the diet but I’ll be glad to have a week or two off.  Next week I will be applying the lessons learned last time I was on holiday, eating a pub dinner each evening (since it is now dark early and we need to spend some time by open fires in Lake District pubs warming up and, potentially, drying up before we head out to find somewhere to sleep each evening) and then eating nothing else until the next evening.  It should keep my net calories about right and I’ll have a bar of dark chocolate to munch on each day if I need to top up.  We’re also going to take the exciting move of wearing Vibrams for the last two days when we are doing a separate walk with day packs rather than all our overnight gear so there will be lots to report on when I get back.

Moving on though, here are this week’s links:

  • I don’t want to put any pressure on the pregnant women who read this blog, but I read a fascinating article in Time magazine some time ago and was really pleased when Neuroanthropology did an online article about it.  The Time article was all about the extent to which a range of factors during pregnancy and the gestational period can impact on the adult health of your child.  Yet another reason to concentrate on being as healthy as possible during your pregnancy.
  • I absolutely love blueberries.  So much so that I have given some serious consideration to growing some in our back garden.  Here are lots of science reasons from Nephropal for why we should eat blueberries.
  • An article I read recently about a study of purchasing habits which was trying to establish whether subsidies on healthy foods or putting higher taxes on junk foods resulted in a healthier overall food purchase.  The results are absolutely fascinating and I don’t want to give them away here.  See if you can guess and then read the article!
  • I’ve been becoming more aware recently of the apparent increase in the number of men who had “moobs” (breasts) instead of (or as well as) big bellies.  Dr Davis on The Heart Scan Blog has taken some time to explain a little more about why this is happening.
  • You probably know by now that I love linking to some of the more amusing things that Tony Gentilcore posts up on his blog.  I got a really good laugh as well as learning something at the same time when I read his post responding to a reader question about whether a trainer was right in telling a woman she was really weak because she didn’t have any endurance to move a tiddly little weight numerous times.
  • Apparently women’s body shape (that old apple or pear-shaped conundrum) is all to do with our genes.
  • Do you ever feel that there just isn’t the time in your day to get in a proper workout?  Why not consider building working out into your daily activities instead?  Try starting with these suggestions!
  • Mark Sisson has had a detailed look at why rice is bad for us, considering the question of whether it really is as bad as some people say.  He’s got some interesting conclusions and information in the post which is well worth taking your time over.
  • Word is out!  Women are equal to men in their maths skills!  Hadn’t we all already calculated that one though?
  • Something that I was already aware of, but which is worth sharing in this well-written article, is the concept that gaining muscle mass actually starts to get easier once you reduce your body fat.  This is definitely something I’m hoping to leverage once I’ve finished my current diet.
  • Finally, Methuselah has kept me thoroughly entertained with his anecdotes of a holiday in the US (including Vegas), otherwise known as “The Great Buffet Abuse Tour”, in which he set out to make the most of American buffet-style dining by feasting in a paleo way each evening.  Work your way through parts one, two, three, four and five!

This is really cute.  A dog who is confused by what he needs to do to get down an escalator…

I’ve written a collection of posts to keep the blog going next week while I’m away, including the start of my long-awaited dairy series, so there shouldn’t be any loss of service. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


One thought on “Great links for the weekend!

  1. Rachel

    oh, bless that boy! Mine likes to twist his head right to left to make sure he takes in all the ads on BOTH sides as we ride up or down.

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