Great links for the weekend!

It’s been a crazy week back at work with the added excitement of preparing for a concert and havig a friend to stay so I’m afraid I’m just going to leave you with the links without any introductory anecdote this week.  Apologies!

  • Apparently there are points in the female menstrual cycle when we just can’t help ourselves from rewarding ourselves.  I suppose the key is to therefore identify those points in your cycle and make sure you don’t go near any restaurants, shopping centres or supermarkets for those few days (unless you are ready for the possible consequences).
  • I got a really good laugh reading a recent article by Shelby Starnes on T-Nation about Nutritional Leverage.  Shelby is addressing a few very common questions about diet and, most of the time, I think Shelby’s responses are sound with one of the biggest points to take away being that if you aren’t getting anywhere you probably need to reduce total calories.
  • Fascinating to consider that your blood group could affect your fertility as a woman.  What do you think?  Are they clutching at straws when the answer is far more simple?
  • Asperger Syndrome is complex but you can learn a lot by reading this article about Rudy Simone, also known as “Aspergirl”.
  • You know I linked to a recipe for homemade chocolate last week?  Well this week’s chocolate article is the BBC reporting that the polyphenoids in dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Normally I’m busy singing the persuasive song about weight training not causing women to lose their femininity but take a look at some of these monster women.  Cris Cyborg and Aneta Florczyk are the only ones that don’t leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable.
  • Last Christmas I was given a copy of Richard Wrangham’s book Catching Fire – How Cooking Made Us Human which is really good.  Chris pulled it off the shelf a few weeks ago and wrote a review for his site.  I’d definitely recommend the book but if you’re not sure, read the review to learn more.
  • The other week I was out enjoying the wild country air.  In a couple of week’s time I’ve got several consecutive days at meetings in Birmingham and London.  The difference in air quality between these big cities and the Lake District last week can almost be tasted.  The air is almost “chewable” in the cities, and I know that these English cities aren’t nearly as bad as many others out there across the globe.  Mark Sisson did a really interesting article about air pollution the other week which is an important issue for anyone who cares about their overall health.
  • Do you know someone who is really overweight yet complains that they can’t lose weight while doing all the wrong things.  Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek article from Krista Scott-Dixon on Precision Nutrition of Weight Gain Advice from Lean Eaters may get the message across.
  • Is fish oil not so good for us after all?

Oh my word!  Watch a female weightlifter accidentally lose control and nearly kill a referee in the process.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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