Great links for the weekend!

It has been an interesting week.  The christening last weekend was lovely and it was great to see various people who I’ve not seen for ages.  While work is really busy it is at least manageable at the moment thanks to various of the staff who work for me doing a brilliant job.  I need to find a way to thank them. 

Anyway, in lieu of waffling pointlessly any more at the start of this links post, I’m just going to plough into them.  For no apparent reason I seem to have ended up with lots of food and diet-related links this week.  Here they are!

  • I like grapefruit, but rarely eat it.  However, Chris on Zen to Fitness has noticed some interesting benefits of eating his way through 4-5 grapefruit a week (on an n=1 test group) and has suggested that others try it.  I was certainly interested to read more about the benefits of grapefruit and may be tempted to give it a shot once we get nearer the summer when I tend to crave fruit.
  • This week I have just discovered a new podcast (I was a bit behind with my Robb Wolf listening due to all these work trips).  Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo and Chrissy from Growing Up Paleo have started doing a Robb-Wolf-style podcast in which they answer reader/listener questions.  This is a great compliment to the existing Paleolithic Solution podcasts from Robb Wolf because this time the questions are answered by women and often seem to have much more focus on family and women issues like how to maintain a paleo diet for your children and dealing with breastfeeding.  Lots of interest – go and catch up while it is only a few weeks old!
  • Chris at Conditioning Research has meanwhile stumbled over an abstract that, ultimately, doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t know already.  Sleep deprivation impacts negatively on performance.  What is interesting is that they’ve recorded some of the impacts in relation to sprint performance and found a few things that you may not have been certain about, such as the fact that sleep deprivation reduces muscle glycogen.
  • Most of us hear about the majority of science research when the media gets hold of it and kicks up a flurry of interest.  However, this tends to mean that our knowledge is restricted to the pieces that the media believe will capture interest and sell news, and even then they will often skew the reports.  It’s a very restricting filter when we are looking at things like diet or exercise.  I was therefore really grateful to Stephan on Whole Health Source for bringing a recent study to the attention of his readers which suggests that dairy fat may protect against diabetes.
  • I have a tiny chest and tend to not wear a bra under my t-shirt when I do workouts.  There wasn’t a reason for this except pure laziness about putting one on when I changed into my gym kit.  A couple of weeks ago though I painfully grazed some skin off my back because I happened to be wearing a bra and the catch happened to align with the point where my spine was rotating round the corner of the box which I lean up on for hip thrusts.  I’ll not be making that mistake again in a hurry.  Anyway, I got a good laugh on finding that someone else could see the bright side of being small-chested.
  • Going back to Whole Health Source for another article which Stephan wrote, this time about the Paleo diet.  Stephan has taken a look at a recent paper written by Dr Staffan Lindeberg’s research group titled “A Paleolithic Diet is More Satiating per Calorie than a Mediterranean-like Diet in Individuals with Ischemic Heart Disease”.  I’ve been fascinated by quite how satiated I can be on the tiny amounts I eat during a fat loss diet and, in fact, by how full I feel the rest of the time when I stay strictly Paleo so this really rang true for me.  Stephan’s analysis of the paper is, as always, thorough and helps hugely with extracting some of the detail from the science-speak.
  • I am well aware that certain resistance exercises that I do result in better mobility and flexibility, such as the Romanian Deadlift.  It seems like common sense to me, but it was really nice to see that they’ve done a study to prove it now.
  • A couple of articles about fish oil.  The first is by Brian St Pierre about why potentially you can find that too much is a bad thing.  The second is a brief piece from the Heart Scan Blog about the different types of fish oil.  A back-to-basics to help you select the right one from the retailer.
  • Many thanks to Vicky for sharing this ever-so-sweet blog post with me.  I dare you not to have some sort of reaction to it (even if just to think that it was a bit too sickeningly sweet).
  • Melissa McEwan tends to take a very honest and forthright view of the world on her blog.  It’s really refreshing.  I liked her take on the latest media storm that Neanderthals ate plants (grains, specifically).  See what you think.

To finish off, here’s video of IFBB Amateur Figure Competitor Larissa Reis doing a photo shoot.  Some of the static holds they are getting her do reveal that she has some definite strength and she looks fantastic.


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