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I had an unpleasant experience after my late evening workout last Friday.  Thanks to my last day in work, I didn’t get home until 8pm and then, after a quick snack and catch up with Chris, arrived in our garage for an RDL workout at 8.15pm.  The workout takes between 60 and 75 minutes (depending on how much I faff before the hip thrusts and how many hip thrust sets I have to do).  So I finally got to my dinner at about 10pm (by the time it had cooked, though Chris did the honours because he’s an angel – and was starving by then, and then cooled down again enough for me to eat it).  At 10.45pm I crawled into bed, but here’s the problem – I was still buzzing.

My head was going in circles with the excitement of the evening.  My muscles (especially my lats which had worked hard in my RDL exercise and my glutes) were throbbing and I couldn’t find any comfortable way to lie down on them.  Finally, I was hot.  Way too hot.  I took my clothes off, I pushed the covers off and yet still I was too hot, because the those worked muscles were generating heat (as was the interaction with the food, no doubt).  So I lay there and listened to Chris’s gentle snores until about 1.30am when I finally got to sleep, only to wake up, tired but sore and buzzing again, 3.5 hours later at 5am.  Not a good night’s sleep for recovery and a good lesson in why I should avoiding training late at night.

Anyway, I’m away on holiday this week (in case I’d not mentioned that before) so these are some links I pulled together a couple of weeks before I left.  They may be a bit outdated as a result, but hopefully still of interest to everyone!

  • Something I had never considered before was the possibility that I, as a woman, could also suffer from problems caused by excess oestrogen, so I’m grateful to Charles Poliquin who has brought it to my attention.  I’m also interested by his recommendation that the situation can be improved by using probiotics containing Lactobaccilus acidophilus NCFM strain which I usually aim to obtain from live culture yoghurt (since all other probiotics I can easily get hold of contain interesting additives like HFCS, sugar and other things to make it “taste nice”).  Yet another reason to persuade me that the “no dairy” arguments for Paleo are not strong enough to cause me to completely give up my live culture yoghurt.
  • I enjoy it when some archaeological evidence really challenges our image of our early ancestors.  A brilliant recent example was the discovery that our original “Man’s best friend” may not have been a wolf but, instead, a fox.
  • Continuing on the archaeology/anthropology theme, is it possible that we’ve got the whole evolution thing a bit wrong?
  • I love cooking with lard.  It adds a whole new depth of flavour to pot roast when I’ve used lard to brown the meat and vegetables.  Unfortunately I also get “comments” from people believing that I’m ruining my heart health and various other things through my use of lard, so it was lovely to see The Guardian running a piece in support of lard.
  • There is a hilarious and, slightly crazy, video on this article of a Norwegian ice skater doing some weird “stunts” including pretending to be a seal.  You really need to watch it to understand what I’m gibbering on about, but I feel really cold just watching it.
  • I can’t remember if I already linked to this a few weeks ago, but even if I did it is still worth mentioning again as a reminder.  The issue is, should women really suffer from iron deficiency because we lose a measly amount of blood once a month through our menstrual cycles – an amount of blood which is significantly less than the blood taken if you do a monthly blood donor session?  The answer is probably no, but health professionals are apparently misdiagnosing (or just missing) upper-gastrointestinal bleeding in women because they chalk iron deficiency up to women’s issues and just provide iron supplements.  Women, take notice.  If you are iron deficient, see if you can get your doctor to do an edoscopy.  Perhaps even give them a copy of this article to get your point across to them.
  • I was recently trying out the single-leg deadlift again and found this particular article really helpful to check that I was using the right cues and getting my form correct.  I must confess I never used to feel my glutes working on this exercise like I feel them working now, and that is just with multiple reps with an 8kg kettlebell.
  • Great article from Dan John on T-Nation a few weeks back about loaded carries.  I keep wondering about building proper sled pulls/pushes and sack carries into my workout but it really needs the weather to improve again (because I’m not cruel enough on myself to go and shiver in the English winter rain while I start doing this stuff).

To compliment the Dan John article, here’s a great video of Courtney doing some seriously heavy sled pulls.  If you want to read more about exactly how much she’s pulling, read this post which accompanies it.


3 thoughts on “Great links for the weekend!

  1. Sportsgirl

    Hey thanks for the link on lard; it was quite interesting to read. Do you render it yourself or do you have a good source to purchase it from? I can’t see myself preparing it at home, but I don’t want to purchase it if it’s going to be bleached etc.

  2. Ammi Post author

    I just don’t have the time or resources to render it myself. I did render some fat once and it worked reasonably well, but the time it took combined with the need to be at home while I had hot fat on the cooker top just doesn’t work with everything else in my life at the moment. For now I have to confess that I buy it and, not only do I buy it, but I get the cheapest “value” lard from the supermarket. While I would prefer to consume more ethically sourced lard where I can be sure the anomals are treated well, but it is very hard to argue with a fat source which costs about 20p for 250g (in comparison to the only other brand they sell which costs about GBP1 for the same amount) and, strangely, there comes a time where going cheaper becomes slightly better again because they don’t waste money adding loads of unnecessary ingredients!

    I’ll start rendering it myself again when things quieten down at home…

  3. Sportsgirl

    It sounds like a lot of work actually. If I could purchase it not too processed that would be great. I’ll keep an eye out for it at the supermarket.

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