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I had a mixed week.  Frustrations in the gym trying to squat within 4 hours of my period starting (I had to bail within the first 10 minutes) and all sorts of other negative adventures.  But I’ve also managed to progress a number of personal projects and am now going to award myself with a quiet weekend off visiting my parents.  For anyone wanting to do a bit of reading over the weekend, here are a few links to keep you going.

  • Results for the 2011 Paleo Community Survey came out a week ago.  You can find them here.  A few of the results are particularly interesting although I’m inclined to ignore the result about food prices going up since people moved to the Paleo diet since this is going to be badly affected by the fact that all food prices are sky-rocketing (certainly in the UK, but I understand they are going up globally too).  I’ve noticed a huge increase to my weekly food bill over the last 8-12 months and I’ve been on a Paleo diet for a couple of years now.
  • For those of you who have a competitive streak, why not get on board with the Girlpower Challenge.  The only thing I’m unclear about is if I do more than one set, do I count the total reps.  Although in a single workout would I really want to do multiple sets of all the bit lifting moves?
  • I keep a training log.  I’ve written before about why I think it is important to keep them.  However, just in case you won’t believe me, here is Glute God Bret Contreras telling you that (except in very specific circumstances) you really should keep a training log.
  • Here’s an interesting one for you all.  Recent research suggests that semen, absorbed through the vagina wall, is a natural anti-depressant for women.  Just be careful about your contraception and think about STDs – I wouldn’t want to get the blame for people getting STDs in an effort to cheer up their moods!
  • Do you remember those links last week about open-mindedness and improving your intelligence by challenging yourself?  Well, Dave’s Gym posted up an article at the start of March about getting better results in the gym by… making sure you keep challenging yourself (and a few other very valid points alongside that).  Perhaps it will boost your intelligence too!
  • It is time to return (briefly) to the potato debate.  Are potatoes paleo?  Are the bad for your health?  Do they spike insulin in a bad way?  The questions are endless, but in a recent post Peter at Hyperlipid took some time to think about the science behind why people on all-potato diets lose weight.  It seems there may actually be some very plausible reasons for it.
  • This photo is just so cute!
  • Improving your diet can really impact significantly on your performance.  A stark reminder of this comes from Valerie Lefebvre, Junior World Championship weightlifter, who recently broke through a performance plateau by following advice from nutritionist Francine Savard.
  • I couldn’t agree more with Crystal on Modern Paleo.  I, too, have found myself behaving in far more feminine ways (and caring more about my figure) since I started eating well and lifting heavy weights.
  • Hurrah for England!  Apparently we have better health than Americans, despite investing less in healthcare.  Well that’s what BBC News is claiming the research reveals anyway (though they’ve been known to misinterpret studies before).
  • Here is some evidence that you are never too old to start training.  The human body is an amazing design.
  • I love offal.  Chris hates offal.  It’s a bit of a sore point in the cooking at home since offal is wonderfully cheap.  I was therefore really interested by some of Mark Sisson’s suggestions for ways to subtly slip in into meals.  Do you think Chris would notice?
  • I am really bad at applying make-up.  I put it down to the fact that I never wore it as a teenager and probably wore it about once every six months throughout most of my twenties, so I’ve never had those opportunities to “try and fail” or to get advice from friends as they, too, have been learning.  As a result, I can imagine that a computer tool, like the one discussed in this article in The Independent, could be rather useful to me!

This is a great video of Erica Fuerst doing a photo shoot.  She has some serious strength and is the perfect example of the fact that strength can equal “toned”.


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  1. Rachel

    Wow, Valerie takes a wide grip on her cleans. Off to youtube her lifts – thanks for the link!

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