Great links for the weekend!

This weekend doesn’t have too much planned so I’m hoping to find some time to crack on with some of the research on the longer articles I’ve been planning.  Apart from anything, there are some lovely women out there who very kindly supplied me with information about any hormone-based contraceptives they take and their strength/diet changes.  They gave me this information over a month ago and I owe it to them to finish the research off so that we can all flounder about trying to make sense of the conflicting things they’ve told me…!  So I’m going to do my best to knuckle down and finish my reading and writing this week so that you can all share in my confusion in a week or two (unless, of course, I really do manage to make sense of it this weekend). 

For those who don’t have any research to do this weekend, here’s some homework reading to keep you busy.

  • I’ve written before that I believe high heels, long term, aren’t good for us.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t good to wear sometimes for a particularly dressy look, but if you wear them all the time they might impact on your overall health.  A recent study showed that the body deals with any shortening of tendons by lengthening others, but this is going to produce imbalances from how our bodies are originally meant to be.
  • This is a great article to let us all know that the thought-controlled hands-free computer has come along to a whole new stage in its development.  It is really beginning to become a viable solution for disabled people.  Great news!
  • In case you needed any convincing about why women should lift heavy weights, Krista Scott-Dixon has found an article with a superb quote.  A quote that you really can’t argue with.
  • Leigh Peele found some handy links for visual summaries of what 100, 200 and 300 calories looks like in different foodstuffs.  I found the Men’s Health quiz on 100 calories a bit of a fun challenge, especially with all the foodstuffs that I’ve never heard of before (because they don’t exist in the UK).
  • Does the subject of stress interest you?  Have you considered that stress often begins as a small worry and then expands to become broader stress?  Neuroanthropology did a literary review on the subject of worry and stress and it contains a massive list of further studies to read.
  • I’ve linked to something about the new Trek shoe from Vibram before, but this review suggests I really should get a pair before my next Lake District trip!
  • A few weeks ago I did a post about sports bras.  It seems that I’m not the only one writing about sports bras and I chuckled my way through this gym clothing etiquette article.
  • Most readers of my blog will be aware that training hard is a mindset.  You have to focus and aim to win and, when you reach a competition, you need to push yourself to your limit.  However, last year one endurance swimmer pushed himself to the limit where he was no longer able to recognise the need to stop and he paid the ultimate price, dying during competition.  Read the tribute to Fran Crippen and see what lessons you can take away from it.

This is a 250kg deadlift with lovely form.  It’s always good to be reminded that there are some really strong women out there…

While I’m on a run of posting up videos of strong women, here is an impressive full back squat – 135kg from Kirstie Law who had a bodyweight of 56kg at the time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Great links for the weekend!

  1. Charlotte

    Thanks for the link love Ammi! I’m really interested in what you discover about hormonal birth control and strength training because we have discussed that a ton on my blog and it seems like the research is mixed with no solid answers.

  2. Ammi Post author

    It’s a pleasure. I’m really not sure where I’m going to get to with it all, but I’m determined to get to the bottom of it all.

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