Great links for the weekend!

Here’s the links for this weekend.  Lots of mixed topics and plenty of science this week too.  My first link is so long that I’m just going to plough straight into it.

  • I am quite convinced that animals that live by our sides as pets should be fed well with good quality, nourishing food.  It has also made perfect sense to me to aim to feed all the neighbourhood cats who come and go at our house on something that falls along the lines of their evolutionary past, so they tend to be given sardines, tuna, chicken (although they turn their noses up at raw meat), chicken bones (they eat the whole thing), scraps of roasted meat (pork, lamb, beef).  Interestingly they all turn their noses up at anchovies and Jake, the true scavenger of the pack, has developed a strange love of mayonnaise from licking out our tuna mayonnaise dishes (he’s been caught licking straight out of the mayonnaise jar, presumably thinking that he’ll hit on some tuna eventually) and for hot curries and chillis (from licking out our dinner bowls).  However, putting aside the strangeness of Jake’s tastebuds, they all seem to befriend us speedily when they realise that our house provides real food.  The Missing Human Manual has observed a rapid improvement in the health of their Labrador from a change in diet to real food.  It’s only early days, but their dog’s severe health problems at the start make this a stark reminder of the potential to apply the Paleo principles to other creatures.
  • Here’s a brief highlight of an adventurous woman who is a bit different and clearly follows the principles of proving that it’s not just a man’s world – Elspeth Beard, adventure motorbiker.
  • I have a huge amount of empathy for Julianne who has very honestly written up about having an off-diet period.  It’s something that I went through last month when I started with an innocent enough little blurge and ended up with a noticeable wheat belly.  Thankfully it went again after only a couple of weeks of strict wheat-free clean paleo eating, but it’s always good to know that I’m not alone in having these brief slips.
  • Something for the women reading this to be aware of.  Some recent research has revealed a potential link between Vitamin D and breast cancer.  Specifically that women with lower levels of Vitamin D are more likely to aggressive breast tumour profiles.
  • Cambridge University researchers have been challenging our understanding of OCD.  There has already been plenty of talk in the Paleo community about the links between OCD and grains, sugars and the other “horrors” of western diets.  However, these researchers have been considering (if I’ve read the article correctly) whether the creation and enforcement of habits drives the more advanced development of OCD.  If so, then cognitive behavioural therapy, which is already used as one of the treatments for OCD, should really work well to break the cycle.
  • Here’s some frightening research, although if you asked any woman, I think she’d not be surprised by this.  Studies are suggesting that if a woman is carrying noticeable excess weight then it will hamper her chances of success in the workplace, especially in relation to her salary and her chances of getting a new job.  As the article points out, “there is not much effect for men… if anything, larger men were paid more”.  How wrong is that?
  • I really want to get Chris eating offal.  While I continue to fail at this plan, I will work at convincing all the rest of you to eat offal instead.  My latest effort comes care of Paleo Plan, with an article all about why offal is so good for us.
  • This is absolutely hilarious.
  • Chris got me fascinated in the French paradox.  I’m not even going to try to summarise it here but, for those of you who are interested in nutritional science and related scientific research I cannot recommend highly enough that you read Chris’s article and, if it catches your attention, read some of the books he has been recommending around the subject.
  • I’m on the hunt to improve the quality of my cheap and cheerful bathroom routine which, while cheap, isn’t necessarily the best quality for my skin.  I found an article by Stephanie on Keeper of the Home which makes fantastic reading for any woman (or man) wanting to get back to basics in a realistic way with their bathroom cupboards.

And for this week’s video I return to the opening topic of cats with a dangerously cute video…


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