Great links for the weekend!

Here’s the links for this weekend.  I’m starting to work on getting ahead so that you still have some links reading while I’m away on holiday.  As a result you’ll probably find that links start to seem a week or two behind their release date over the next few weeks as I start to gather extra bits of interesting reading together.  As it turns out, my favourites file is falling over with random and interesting nuggets so I’m just going to go with a chaotic approach and spread them out over the next few weeks.

In the lead up to my holiday I’ve got far too many meetings at work.  This always happens – it’s like the holiday in my work diary is magnet, attracting meetings in the few weeks before and after my holiday, with the majority clustered together in the final couple of days before I go and the three days after I return.  As a result I’ve got dinners and lunches with various clients every week, find that I am driving up and down the country more than usual and have at least one night away from home in a hotel every week.  However, I’m not going to complain (as long as I remember my ball for rolling and still get enough sleep) since I do enjoy the meals and the conversation.

  • Starting out, I was pleased to see an article in The Guardian newspaper encouraging women to lift weights.  Even better to see that the author quoted Krista Scott-Dixon.  Will it make any difference?  Probably not, given the group of people who are influenced by that newspaper compared to the likely reading matter of the mass of women who are convinced that running on a treadmill will do everything.
  • Meanwhile, elsewhere in Media Land, US News was getting plenty of free advertising (though possibly not all good) and backlinks thanks to a ridiculous article which claimed all sorts of fallacies about the Paleo Diet while placing it last in a list of latest diets.  Unsurprisingly this got the Paleo Community all fired up, although the craziness got nipped in the bud pretty swiftly thanks to an incredibly thorough rebuttal piece which Robb Wolf wrote.
  • Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis have put together a free 24 page report summarising 52 myths about training glutes.  From my perspective I didn’t find anything earth shattering in it, however it was really good to see it all summarised in one place and I wish I’d been able to get my hands on this about 2 years ago when I was having to research everything about glutes from scratch.  It’s free so there’s nothing to lose – go and get your copy now!
  • I live not too far from Leicester.  I never go there because I live closer to Nottingham, but I nearly fell off my chair when I read that a Freedom of Information enquiry has forced Leicester City Council to admit that they are not fully prepared for a zombie attack.  Whatever next?!
  • I’ve never seen Mad Men but I was incredibly upset to read an interview with Christina Hendricks which kicked off with her singing the praises of lifting weights on a Bosu ball.  I’ve read enough trainers who I respect desperately trying to stop this craziness of lifting on an unstable surface to think this is just wrong.  I just hope she’s not too influential and too many people don’t get hurt trying it unsupervised at home.
  • Mark Rippetoe has done a lovely video about how to look after your calluses by stopping them from getting torn.  Interesting stuff and well worth a watch.
  • I’ve got another entertaining piece for you all, but this time it is scientific (these scientists have far too much time on their hands).  In particular it is the results of an experiment looking at how the status of male chickens affects the way they mate including the make up of their sperm, its speed and all sorts of things like that.  Goodness knows if they’ll ever manage to find a way to test whether there is something similar going on in humans.  It’s written so well that it’s worth a read, especially for the video of the turtle trying to mate with a pan.
  • If you wanted a health scare, That’s Fit have provided a list of 12 fruits and vegetables which are contaminated with the highest levels of pesticides.  I presume this depends on which farm your fruit and veg comes from though.
  • It’s around about now, with only a few weeks left to go before my holiday, that I start to struggle with gym motivation.  The reality is that if I train hard between now and my holiday I’ll probably come back from two weeks of walking to find my workout numbers are back at about the levels they’re at now (or even a couple of weeks ago), so it all feels a bit pointless.  But if I stop training now then I’ll go even further back.  Well, if you’re looking for some tips on staying motivated (although they don’t necessarily work in my specific scenario right now) then Matt Kroc did a nice article on T Nation a little while ago on the subject of staying motivated.
  • Chris seems to live off protein shake sometimes.  I’ve found a link just for you, Chris – ‘5 novel uses for protein powder’.  And no, there’s nothing dodgy about the uses, before your mind wanders off…

How did the three-toed sloth cross the road?  He flew!


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  1. Sportsgirl

    Well, that movie Shaun of the Dead was set in the UK and they weren’t set up for a zombie attack, so they’re probably right!!

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