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It’s been a variable week with only one workout and a horrendous time adjusting my diet back.  There’s a whole post to be had out of that though, so I’ll leave it for the next couple of weeks.  I’m just about settled back to being indoors with air con all day every day instead of being out on the hill each day, but my mobility is a bit of a mess post-holiday.  It’s going to be a few weeks (at least) to get everything back in working order.  Never mind – I can’t complain.  The walking was worth it!  Especially when compared to the miserable rain outside my window right now.

i’ve still not had a chance to catch up with my RSS feed reader, but here are a few links I put together as an emergency just before I went away.  I hope you like them.  Have a good weekend everyone.  Cheery Ammi will be back in residence next week!

  • The quote on this short piece from Krista Scott-Dixon a few weeks ago was really inspirational for me.  I think a lot of us have a tendency to let the noise in our mind get in the way of our real potential.
  • Moving on from a simple quote, should we ask ourselves what inspiration and motivation are and what the difference is between them?  It could help you tap into better resources to get the best out of your performance.
  • You may remember that I posted up a video of a sloth a few weeks ago.  Something I learned from a David Attenborough documentary a few years ago is that the sloth descends (incredibly slowly) to the ground to deficate about once a week.  It is a dangerous activity for a sloth since they can’t move fast enough to get away from predators while they are on the ground, so it seems like a strange thing to do.  Chris found me an article suggesting that perhaps it is related to mating rituals and activities which I thought might interest a few people.
  • I must confess that I hadn’t heard of the concept of drinking beetroot juice to enhance performance but I was amused by Tejvan’s n=1 test of this.  I’m not sure the results are particularly supportive of beetroot juice but his scientific conclusions made me laugh.  Can you imagine the reaction if you turned up for a drugs test on the Tour de France and gave them pink urine.  They’d never believe it was urine!
  • As I write this, there are small children walking home along our road with costumes and face painting depicting them as various animals.  They are returning from the village carnival and I’m guessing they’ve been on one of the floats.  It’s one thing to make your child look like a wild animal with the help of face paint and a costume but quite another to do so to a dog using dye.
  • Jamie Scott did a great piece about the sugar industry and the way they have been creating a bias in research.  To be precise: “a United Nations agency has launched an investigation into claims that a key consultation into how much sugar we should be eating was secretly funded by the sugar industry.”  If that doesn’t pique your interest to go and read more, I’m not sure what will!
  • I’m fascinated by Strongman eventing and Highland Games are like the original Strongman competition.  What I hadn’t appreciated is that there are women taking part in them and, by the sound of it, not just one or two.  Take a look at Amy Wattles’s write up of her performance in the Newport Highland Games last month.
  • Here’s another nature piece with nothing at all to do with women, lifting weights or paleo diet.  It seems that birds have a much wider colour spectrum of colours they can see than they use in their plumage.
  • From Peter at Hyperlipid comes this interesting review of a news article about a diabetic who has seemingly cured his type 2 diabetes through a very strict diet.  He’s only consuming about 600 calories a day.  What we don’t know is whether it is the very low calories doing it or if Peter is correct to believe that it is the low carbohydrate levels which have given this result.
  • Having been back from our holiday for nearly a week now we are starting to recover, but really we should be asking why we suffered in the first place.  Not because we should never have been so stupid as to take on such a walk but because we are apparently designed to do the whole “endurance activity” thing.  Especially walking and running.  Hmmm… tell that to my feet.

How do you confuse a dog at sea?  You introduce him to dolphins and then he decides to swim with them – or catch them.


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