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It has been one hell of a week of ups and downs.  On the up, our kitchen looks lovely and we have a new boiler (I’m actually typing this while sat in a nice hot bath – the first hot wash I’ve had at home since Tuesday morning’s shower).  On the down, this has really tested our ability to survive in our current lifestyle without killing each other when we put this kind of extra stress in and we made some interesting discoveries – a post to follow.

It was all worth it though.  Thanks to Woody, Tommy, Les and Curtis for their hard work.  Here’s some photos to prove it:


Before - the hated greens and white plastic and a hint of dodgy floor

A bit more kitchen with the dead oven

My “kitchen” during the week

The orange bucket was my washing up station, there was counter space for 1 pan or bowl off the electric temporary hob.

Dinner bubbling on the two-ring hob

Well there's nowhere to sit and eat, but I've got the essentials!

The finished product!

Shiny with a new washing machine too!

How clear is it that Chris had an equal part in choosing the colour scheme for this kitchen?

Here’s the links for this weekend.

  • With the way things are going in the blog-world we are all becoming self-sufficient scientists.  We read the studies and other people’s articles summarising studies and then carry out n=1 experiments on both ourselves and our families to find out what health improvements work for us.  To ensure we’re spending our time on the best n=1 experiments though you need to know which studies and research are worth believing in and which are perhaps a little dubious.  You may also want to get a good unbiased view of the idea before you embark on anything radical.  As a result many of us who have never studied sciences (knowing how to read and archaeological site report just isn’t the same) are finding that we need to be able to pick apart scientific studies, understanding where they may be flawed and getting a good handle on when someone may be writing a particularly biased article about a study.  Various bloggers have provided articles guiding us on how to read technical research but a recent top ten tips from Jade Teta was particularly useful since it brings a lot of the bigger articles together into reminder points for us.
  • Speaking of misinterpreting studies, the media are particularly good at doing this.  Their aim is usually to make the most attention-seeking headline, even if it stretches the interpretation of the study a little.  Anyway, a there was a recent study into the contraceptive pill and relationship satisfaction which actually draws some interesting conclusions but which the media got completely wrong.  Take a read of an article on Scientific American to better understand what the study was actually looking at.
  • I am agnostic about CrossFit.  I don’t do it, I can’t see that it would suit me in my current circumstances, and I’m too addicted to the big weights.  However I appreciate that for some people CrossFit is the answer.  Whatever your view is on CrossFit it might be worth taking a look at Confessions of a Crossfit Coach where Mike gets some of his irritations with CrossFit out of his system in parts one and two.  There’s a few amusing points in there.
  • I’ve seen a lot of people writing about the TV show “I, Caveman” which Robb Wolf participated in.  It looks like it was great fun and a fabulous reality check on what it is really like living out in the wild.  I’m hoping that at some point they put it on DVD with European Region settings so that I can watch it (or show it on UK TV which someone can record for me – I don’t have TV at home, just a DVD player).  Anyway, I was particularly interested in Kurt Harris’s article about it since Kurt was focusing on the hunting, the atlatl and the thrill of the hunt and the kill by Robb.  I’ve got myself a Black Widow catapult which I am fully intending to use next year once I’ve stopped working to hunt rabbit, pigeon and squirrel (there’s no point in getting squeamish, this is life we’re talking about).  I can’t wait to see how I react to my first kill.  Will I feel squeamish or will I just feel proud?
  • Crikey!  I’m writing a lot today.  Here’s a brief break from the words to see some very very very very cute photos of an otter.  One, two, three, aaaaawwwwwwwwww!
  • Richard Nikoley has been working on pulling together a manifesto – it seems to basically be a manifesto of how to approach living a health life, mentally, physically and within society.  There’s some great points in it and it has been through a few incarnations now since he has been putting each version on his blog and actively seeking feedback from people of changes to make to it.  By version three it is certainly looking punchy and effective.  See if you agree with his points.
  • I like to keep my house tidy – it makes my feel both physically and mentally rested.  I’ve always struggled to explain that to people but it seems I am not alone.  Someone else also thinks that clearing clutter helps inner calm.
  • I’ve drowned everyone in a lot of information this week so I’ll probably drawn this to a close with some light entertainment from Calvin.  Pretend I’m Calvin and everyone still working hard on a day job next year is his Dad.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist it.

This video did the rounds while the Blackberry network went down across the UK and Europe the other week.  Personally I thought it was really funny though many others didn’t.  I guess the Ronnies are an aquired taste, probably more amusing to an older generation of British people.


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