Great links for the weekend!

Here’s this weekend’s links.

  • Finding a way to cycle in some lighter training every once in a while is crucial when you’ve been training for a while.  As Jason Ferruggia says, this only really applies once you’ve been training for 3 years or more but then you need to remember that your body can’t take a hammering all the time.  I achieve it by using Hepburn cycles, natural cycling within the training programme, others take regular rest weeks.  What do you do?
  • There’s a good easy-read summary on Iron Man Magazine about why excess carbs can result in gaining fat.  It’s perhaps overly simplistic, but as an understandable starting point it is well worth a read.
  • This is great.  An interview with Christina Ricci who, it turns out, was as much trying to surprise and shock people when she said some of those “shocking” dark things in interviews as a teenager.  I can sympathise.  I used to be quite similar in my teens, saying things I knew would shock, just for the sake of it.
  • Plenty of people on the Paleo forums and blogs like to complain about doctors.  In particular about how they often seem to speak with authority on areas where they clearly aren’t an authority.  Personally I do have quite a bit of sympathy for them.  We expect General Practitioners to have the answer to everything, they work long hours and the only way for them to stay up to date on the latest discoveries since they left University would be to go home from a long day at work and spend a few hours reading medical journals.  I struggle enough to keep up to date with the latest changes in the tax world, and I’m expected to turn to specialists at any time with a big firm behind me concentrating on reading the details and giving me the important summaries when I need to know, so I do try to give them a bit of slack.  However, a cartoon from Dilbert did make me laugh because it summarised some of the complaints about doctors perfectly.
  • Here’s a nice article from about Arnold, the competitor, looking at what it was like to be training as one of Arnie’s peers.
  • Last week I had a couple of links about insulin.  Here’s one more from Jame Krieger trying to dispel some myths about insulin.  The reality is that insulin is there to serve a good purpose but it gets such a bad reputation that sometimes we have to be reminded about what insulin really does.
  • I’ve found you some very sweet instructions on how to pick up a baby red panda in five easy steps.
  • I’m so behind with my reading that I found out about the Women’s Climbing Symposium after it happened (about a week after it).  However, Hazel Findlay has started doing some writing for the British Mountaineering Council and did a great article about the state of the ‘female climbing culture’ in the UK as part of her thoughts on the (at the time) forthcoming symposium.  Are you a female climber and, if so, do you feel like an exception to the rule on the rock-face or do you see women climbing everywhere?
  • There was a guest post by Jason Seib put up on Everyday Paleo explaining what Paleo isn’t.  It’s a far tidier summary of the fact that Paleo argument that it isn’t a diet so much as a way of eating than I’ve ever managed.  Perhaps a good one to share with Paleo-sceptic friends (if you still have any).
  • T o finish up, here’s a final cute picture.  How often are you told by a catering team (say, you’ve given them a dietary preferences list before a conference or party) that gluten-free food will be provided and then get let down?

Having done a Vibrams video a few weeks ago, this is a video I particularly enjoyed showing Confessions of a Barefoot Runner.  I’ve not yet moved to going completely barefoot and I was particularly interested to see the section crossing gravel.  Rough, old gravel with just the odd large and lumpy rock are the one surface I still struggle with on my walks in my (now almost worn through) KSO Vibrams.


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